Friday, April 15, 2016

Large-scale inflatable Sculpture

Its been a hectic few months as I complete the bottom portion of this large-scale inflatable sculpture. It is now over 50' x 50' and no longer fits in my studio and the West Gallery at Cork Arts District. Working with rip-stop nylon has been a challenge but I've developed a "pinning" system that is working well for me. My little sewing machine has not let me down. I am just amazed that this machine is so durable. I've put it through a lot! So, the big news is- I will be moving to "The Landing" next week. I want to give hugs and kittens to the Landing management for their sponsorship of this project. They are providing much needed studio space for me to create this mammoth piece. Here are a few photos of my progress so far.
This is how it began
cyclops men holding birds, rabbits and cats
human hearts dripping into Mayan Bowls

here's me in my studio at Cork

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