Saturday, November 19, 2011

Collected images for Office Shoes

I adapted several pairs of shoes for the "shoe fly shoe" exhibition at The Next Gallery last summer and now those adaptations are at the Jacksonville International Airport in display cases on the concourses. So I decided to keep going with this idea... My shoes before have been sort of like landscapes- horses on the prairie, frogs in a pond, laundry hanging on an outdoor line, birds nesting in the grass... but my next pair will be an interior office scene with a filing cabinet, typewriter and lots of papers strewn about... To create miniature papers I dug into old interior design magazines and cut out documents and photos that were very small. I was seeking content and clarity. The picture above shows small cutouts pasted to sheets of paper to be photo-copied. I plan on cutting out the images from the photocopied sheets. I also spent about an hour or two (time escapes me when I get obsessive) making teeny tiny envelopes. I already have the perfect thrift store shoes (they're brown and boring) and the next phase will be the gluing. Can't wait to see how this turns out!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New World Hope

My pre-teen bedroom had an amazing museum poster that I stared at every night. It was huge and had depictions of butterflies in different mediums and by different designers and artists. I loved it and because it was push-pinned to the wall, it eventually fell apart. Remembering that poster and what it meant to me, gave me the idea to have my own poster made. 

New World Hope is 48" x 36" on a heavy stock. Because Garry McElwee created the print, the quality is so SO nice and I'm really proud of it. New World Hope is available on etsy for only $35- a steal because I'm hoping someone will want to stare at every night in their bedroom...